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Don't know what to do
Short Post. I'm at an important part in my writing. The one where I make decisions that impact the rest of the story from here out. Now, as some of you may know, I'm writing a graphic novel, titled My Evil Ex-Girlfriend and I'm pretty far into it. I've been fighting with myself for a while now, without telling anyone, about certain details that I really need to decide. I'm not really posting here for the many opinions that may follow, but more venting in order to hopefully come to a decision while writing. I'm talking stuff along the lines of "Do I kill the protagonist?" "Does he kill the gf?" "If she lives, does he think he can save her?" and many other things. I'm totally stuck. I may write it both ways, just to see what happens. Anyway, I'll look into it and think much more. What's more, I'll also think about posting an excerpt or two from MEEGF. Let me know what you guys think about that.

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I've got some finished pieces I can totally let you read, many of them I'd never post though lol. Let me know and I'll send you something

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